Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center

Advancing Polymers and Coatings Science

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Faculty and Staff

Polymers and Coatings Scientists

  Name Title Phone (805) Email
Dr. Ray Fernando Dr. Ray Fernando Professor, Endowed Chair, Polymers & Coatings 756-2395
Madi Glozer Student Assistant 756-2436
Dr. John Hagen Dr. John Hagen Professor 756-1651
Dr. Shanju Zhang Dr. Leslie Hamachi Assistant Professor 756-1672

Dr. Chad Immoos Dr. Chad Immoos Professor 756-6635
Dr. Dane Jones Dr. Dane Jones Professor Emeritus 756-2528
Dr. Erik Sapper Dr. Erik Sapper Assistant Professor 756-1663
Dr. Shanju Zhang Dr. Shanju Zhang Associate Professor 756-2591

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